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Terms & Conditions

This website includes links to other websites. These terms apply only to classes booked through this website or directly with SJK Pilates. If you visit websites linked here, or if you make bookings on those websites, you must read the terms & conditions of the relevant websites.

In the Terms and Conditions the following definitions apply:

  • ‘Teacher’ refers to Sarah Kearney.

  • ‘Client’ refers to any person who has completed the Client Information form and any other required documents, and with whom the Teacher has agreed to teach.

  • SJK Pilates is a public facing name for the work that Sarah Kearney undertakes in her role as a Pilates teacher.

References in the Terms and Conditions to the singular will include the plural and vice versa and references to the masculine gender will include references to the feminine gender.

References in the Terms and Conditions to sessions or classes are interchangeable in meaning.

The Teacher reserves the right to vary and revoke the Terms and Conditions from time to time which variation it may consider necessary or desirable for the regulation of the affairs of teaching Pilates and the conduct of Clients. Any such changes will be notified to Clients and, until revoked, are and will be binding on Clients.

Pilates classes

  • Pilates 1:1 sessions, 2:1 sessions or group classes will be one hour in duration unless otherwise agreed between the Teacher and the Client.

  • All Pilates classes will be mat work classes.

  • The Teacher may use small props if she deems appropriate.

  • The Clients will provide their own mats and any cushions they require for the purpose of the session.


  • All sessions must be paid for in advance

  • Payment should be made by Paypal to unless otherwise agreed with the teacher.

Cancellations and refunds

  • Sessions are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy. Refunds will not be given for sessions cancelled by the Client with less than 24 hours’ notice.

  • In the event a session needs to be cancelled by the Teacher, as much notice as possible will be provided to the Clients and a session will be re-arranged within four weeks. If a suitable time for the new session cannot be mutually agreed, a full refund will be offered.

Complaints procedure

  • Any complaints must be made in writing to

  • The teacher will respond in writing within five working days.

Fitness and health

  • Clients are advised not to undertake strenuous physical activities without first seeking medical advice if they have concerns over their physical condition. The Teacher reserves the right to advise the Client not to take part in a Pilates session if they consider that the health of the individual concerned may be endangered by taking part.

  • Clients must inform the Teacher of any changes to their health and medical condition, including illness and surgery.

  • Through participating in Pilates sessions Clients accept responsibility for their own bodies and will stop exercising if they need to. Clients should stop if they experience pain.

  • Clients must have medical clearance to attend Buff Bones® classes.

  • Clients consent to exercise at their own risk.

Personal Data

  • We are committed to protecting your personal data. Any personal data will be collected and stored in accordance with European Union General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018.

  • Personal medical and health information is collected in order to provide the best possible advice and service.

  • Some personal data may be stored for up to 7 (seven) years for regulatory and potential referral purposes.

  • Any data collected specifically relating to Covid-19 Track & Trace will be stored for 21 days in accordance with Government guidelines.

  • Once data is no longer required it will be anonymised and/or destroyed in accordance with GDPR.

  • A full copy of our Privacy Policy can be found here.

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